Author to be, Chance Thomas shares her 10 year long relationship with her ex-husband, a sociopath. Her book about her experience will be coming out this fall. She’s a blogger and video artist as well.

Here’s what we covered in this interview…

  • What her situation was like at home living with a sociopath.
  • Hiding in her own home.
  • Having coffee outside and acting like a church mouse so as not to disturb him.
  • His manipulative games and how she handled them.
  • What being a “rebel” or sassy meant for her relationship.
  • How she ended it once and for all.
  • Appreciation for small things like vacuuming whenever she wants now that he’s gone.
  • How he scooped another woman with money and married her within 3 months of their separating.
  • Her blog that she turned into a book and how writing has helped her let go and heal.
  • What creating videos has done for her in terms of helping others see that they are not alone and validating their experience.

How to find Chance online…

Check out Chances’ website: The Man in the Mirror

Chance Thomas on YouTube:
Verbal Abuse Broken

Chance Thomas on Twitter: