Dr. Karen Osburn discusses her journey to motherhood, adoption, and embracing imperfect motherhood. She explains what led her to add an essential oils business to her chiropractic practice and her approach to overall family wellness. She helps educate moms on how to create more abundance with health for themselves and their families and to create more financial abundance through natural means via doTERRA essential oils.

Dr. Karen Osburn of Mom at 41

Here’s what we covered in this interview…

    • How Karen struggled with infertility and eventually adopted her two young boys.
    • Thoughts on mom shaming and embracing the imperfection of motherhood.
    • How Karen stumbled into doTERRA through her own bout with illness.
    • The best part of educating moms and helping them create abundance in health and finances.
    • Karen’s open Facebook page and how she’s determined to open the conversation about the challenges of parenting.
    • Her 23 year relationship with her husband and the hard work of love and friendship. Her advice to talk, talk, talk. Are these two adorable or what?

      Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 11.36.14 PM

      Karen and her husband the day they renewed their vows. Love this!

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