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Renee Roberts Kopp discusses how she became aware that her 25 year marriage was one of abuse, how she dealt with it and learned to move forward and heal. Her mission is to help other abused women let go of their shame.

Renee Roberts Kopp

Renee Roberts Kopp

Episode Notes

In this interview Renee shares her story of realizing that her long time marriage was abusive and her children were being affected by the behavior within their home.

Key points:

  • Being married quite young the abuse started slowly and became the norm
  • She often thought it was her fault and she deserved to be treated the way she was
  • She didn’t realize it was abuse or how much her children were being affected by her husband’s behavior
  • As a Christian she didn’t see any examples of women leaving abusive relationships or divorce
  • She explains her appearance on the Dr. Phil Show
  • The importance of intensive therapy to move forward with her children and build a healthy life

Resources mentioned

Renee Roberts Kopp Website and Wedding Planning Service
Renee Roberts Kopp on Twitter
Renee Roberts Kopp Blog

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