I can’t stop smiling right now.

I’m in the midst of the final edit of my next episode of The Audacious Life podcast. I had so much fun interviewing my friend Angie. We giggle and giggle and boy does that feel GREAT!! Just hearing it again makes me feel incredibly lighthearted. It’s wonderful.

So yeah, I can’t stop smiling…

Thing is, though I’ve known Angie for 20 years, we barely spoke when I was in my last long term relationship. We’d email each other now and then but I think we had maybe 5 phone calls in 10 years. Pretty pathetic for two soul sisters who have a connection that’s been there since the beginning and comes with an inexplicably powerful ability to pick up right where we left off.

But, like many of us, I let the control and isolation I was experiencing get the best of my relationship with her during that time. And that’s part of the problem, isn’t it? We let go of the people who keep us feeling good, feeling light, loved, and so understood. And that gives away a piece of us to placate our partner in some way. We do it to fend off jealousy, negativity, or even to protect ourselves from their simple killjoy ability to crap on the things we hold precious, things that fuel us and give us hope.

Have you done that too?

Well, the good news is that we did pick up where we left off. I’ll let you hear the podcast, her story, and our story. But just know that if you’re not out yet and you’re missing the old you, the person who was not yet frozen by perfectionist expectations of control or gas lit into thinking you’re crazy, or not good enough to deserve the deep happiness you want to feel, it’s still absolutely possible. So do not buy into your abuser’s brainwashing. You can feel it again and you totally TWO THOUSAND PERCENT deserve it!!

One thing that I love about this next episode is Angie’s philosophy on life. She’s a musician, an artist, a philosopher and a true light. She has totally transformed her life since leaving her ex husband more than 10 years ago and I feel like this episode with our giggles, her serious philosophizing and amazing music, represents the light at the end of the tunnel and all the possibilities that lie ahead.

Ladies, if she can do it, we can too!

I mean that and I truly hope you feel this way after listening.

I’ve been out a year now and I love my new life. I’m so grateful for the cute little townhouse I found to rent, the fact that it’s nestled in beautiful natural surroundings, and my neighbors are caring and friendly. My girls love the fresh water beach that’s 5 minutes away. We can have dinner on the beach and they can play in the water and sand while we all unwind after a long day.

Over time I’ve found myself falling in love…with life.

I went for a walk at the beach park tonight after my first yoga class in almost a year and I caught this beautiful sunset. Seriously, pinch me. This is my life now!?!

Sunset at Nara Park

Of course I have my bad days, and certainly I have serious daily challenges like everyone does, but more often the good days are cropping up and becoming the norm. I now have a sense of freedom, true joy, and hope for my future that has never before felt this strong.

I Love my life!

I’m happy I broke free.

No matter where we are, we can get sidetracked by dark thoughts and slip down the proverbial rabbit hole. But intentionally taking time each day to focus on and enjoy the positive details in your life…the sun on your face, your child’s laugh, a genuine hug, a note of support to or from a friend, the view from your window, the roof over your ahead these things are premium fuel and they will restore your spirit and propel you closer to your ultimate goal.

Keep the faith and know that you deserve happiness daily. I hope you find and feel it TODAY.

If you need a boost, please do listen to the latest podcast. I don’t claim to have the secret sauce but I think you’ll find yourself smiling too.

What do you do to remind yourself about the positive side of life each day? Please share in the comments or leave a voice message on Speak Pipe. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Lots of Love,

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