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Get your audio affirmations for healing from emotional abuse. These will strengthen you and put you on a path to healing from the affects of abusive and controlling people in your life.

This handful of simple strategies will open the door to healing and allow you to break free and move on to an Audacious Life where you are in control and feel a new sense of hope for yourself and your future.

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What people are saying about The Audacious Life…

I was going through a particularly difficult time with my wife, struggling with how to react to the things that were going on. This is when I began getting some help from Stephani and her experience and perspective on the matter gave me some great insight into the issue I was facing and how to handle the situation. Having someone to talk to who really understands the dynamics of this type of situation and could comprehend how painful and complicated it can be was validating and reassuring, especially knowing that that it’s not just me who has deal with this, but other people have gone through this and there are real patterns and ways to protect yourself by breaking some of them. J.C.

I want to Thank you for what you have created within the Auduacious Life website and podcasts. I had only wished that, I had found you sooner. However, I am grateful now to you and your podcasts for all of the information and advise that are provided within each sessions. I am in a healthy lifestyle now, due to Audacious Life. I give credit to God that he has driven me to you and your page. Every and anyone, in a tough life situation of uncertainty when it comes to “abuse” I pray they come your way and have the opportunity to view, listen and follow Audacious Life and You. Thank you for all you do! Many times, you have helped without you even knowing it. God Bless You and Audacious Life! Liz Diaz

Thanks Steph. Here are my heartfelt thoughts: Stephani has been an outstanding listener and supporter ever since I learned about her. Her ability to apply her experiences to help others, including me, is remarkable. She has put me at ease with my long running emotionally abusive spouse situation and given me suggestions for how to handle it. Additionally, she is incredibly supportive about the things I’ve done well historically and recently in the situation. Steph has been a real life saver for me even though I’ve only known her for a short period of time. I’m so thankful for her. R.W.

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