Jane Fredrickson, single mom looking for a new relationship, thought she found her prince charming on an online dating site. In time he turned into Prince Harming and it took friends and family and a final wake up call for Jane to see things for what they were and remove herself from a potentially deadly situation. In this interview, Jane shares how she met her prince, what drew her to him, and how their relationship transitioned from romance to control, disrespect, threats and more. How she minimized his behavior and justified it and what made her see things for what they were.

Jane, not her real name, wrote her book about this experience to help other women get out of abusive relationships for good and turn things around. She’s an author and speaker and happy to share her story to help other women find healthy relationships and a life of happiness, peace and enthusiasm for the future.


Jane’s book:



Jane Fredrickson.com has resources for women

Jane’s book:
From Darkness to Light: One Woman’s Story of Defeating Abuse and Living Life with Zest Again

Love is Respect has a hotline with counselors and an online chat if you need help

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