Liz Diaz shares her story of growing up in an abusive home, how it affected her life choices and how she managed to get out of two abusive relationships and finally put an end to the cycle of abuse. Her new life of peace and ever growing prosperity as an entrepreneur.

Questions and Topics covered in this podcast:

Q. Now that you’ve put these experiences behind you, what would you tell women in your shoes to help her through her own struggles?

The importance of self-esteem and Faith in a higher power.

What qualities, values and characteristics will she look for in a new partner so she doesn’t end up in another abusive relationship?

How she dealt with childhood trauma.

How her upbringing and home life affected her behavior (OCD) and her delight in launching her business to leverage her passion in organizing and decluttering.

How distancing herself from others and spending time alone has allowed her to heal.

Details on her new business Clutter-proof Residence i.e. what she does and how to contact her.


How to contact Liz and find out more about her business, Clutter Proof Residence.

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Facebook: Clutter-Proof Residence

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