Byron Morrison is a compassionate author and lifestyle coach with a mission to give women who’ve put themselves last encouragement and a path to shift their habits as well as their self-perceptions.

He was a guest on my other Podcast for Mompreneurs, The Audacious Mamas Show. When I interviewed Byron then, he had recently opened an online group for women looking to ‘Build a Better You’ based on his lifestyle, mindset, nutrition, and exercise book.

Soon Byron learned that some of these women shared their experience as survivors of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. It’s a delicate subject, and he’s quite protective so Byron and I connected to discuss how he could connect with The Audacious Life audience to support listeners struggling with weight, depression, vitality, and hope. Byron struggled with weight and depression himself before he had a wake-up call with his father’s health and realized he was on the same path. His goal is to help women break free of old patterns, learn new habits, work on their mindset, to create happier healthier lives.

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