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Who is “Sarah”


Sarah is a young mother who fled her home one morning along with her children. They left in their pajamas and Sarah shares her story of what that was like and how she has moved her life forward since fleeing the abusive situation she was in.


Episode Notes

In this interview Sarah shares her story of fleeing her home suddenly.

Key points:

  • Enlist the help of your family
  • Tell the close friends you know you can trust
  • If you’ve been isolated from friends, test the waters and see if they can handle it
  • Celebrate the little things and new found freedom…like eating frozen vs. fresh veggies :-)
  • Get into a Domestic Violence Support Group
  • Find a therapist who understands abuse
  • Read self help books to better understand what you’ve been through
  • Take care of yourself and get adequate rest

Resources mentioned

5 Keys to Heal5 Keys to Healing

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